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Top 20 Jokes About The Suez Canal Boat

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

On the 23rd March 2021 a boat "The Ever Given" got stuck on the Suez Canal in Egypt which has provided the internet with many jokes and memes about the incident.

Boats get stuck and become beached all the time so what is the big deal with this boat?

The container ship that became stuck is the "Ever Given" and it is massive! The boat weighs a whopping 220,000 tons and is 1,300 feet long. The boat is literally as big as the Empire State Building.

We have put together a compilation of the best jokes and memes about the Ever Given. Let's get right into them.

  1. It has been a tough year I think we can all agree.

Suez Canal 2020 Meme

2. A joke for the bookworms out there.

Suez Canal Bookstore Meme

3. Covid has us feeling low but this Ever Given meme has us laughing

Suez Canal Covid Depression Meme

4. There is even a song going around about the Suez Canal incident. Have a listen below.

5. That feeling when you have a lot on your desk.

Suez Canal Workflow Procrastination Meme

6. Balloons, is there anything that they can't fix?

Suez Canal Balloons Meme

7. NASA to the rescue! Call in the rockets to solve the problem!

Suez Canal Rockets Meme

8. Godzilla vs King Kong vs The Ever Given. A blockbuster waiting to happen.

Suez Canal King kong vs Godzilla meme

9. Just 2 dudes and a digger saving our economy.

Suez canal 2 guys and digger meme

10. Gotta hate those mobile ads. Lucky we don't bombard you with them on our website"Keep Laughing Forever". Laughter first, ads second!

Suez Canal Mobile Phone ad meme

11. Anyone else currently got a truckload of covid debt?

Suez Canal Loans and Debt Meme

12. All this time all we needed was some WD40 to lube things up and get that ship moving again.

Suez Canal WD40 Meme

13. When your to do list gets the better of you.

Suez Canal Tasks Meme

14. Johnson & Johnson to the rescue!!!

Suez Canal Q-Tip Meme

15. When bets with the captain get out of control!

Suez Canal Hold My Beer Meme

16. Don't worry, Vladimir Putin is to the rescue!

17. Lego, is there anything that it can't do?

Suez Canal Lego Meme

18. Nothing gets past the Durex brand, nothing.

Suez Canal Durex Meme

19. Who remembers UNO? Whoever created this classic meme sure does.

Suez Canal UNO meme

20. Pirates of The Suez Canal!!! Run Jack Sparrow, run!!

Suez Canal Jack Sparrow Meme

Ok people, no more jokes about the Suez Canal boat, that ship has sailed.

We hope you enjoyed our list of jokes and memes from the Suez Canal incident. This humorous ship incident is exactly what we all needed.

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