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Jokes And Memes From The Harry And Meghan Oprah Interview

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

With the social media and news around the web absolutely blowing up after Harry and Meghan's controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey, we have been blessed with a ton of hilarious jokes and memes about Harry, Meghan and Oprah as fallout.

Firstly Meghan and Harry left the royal family on March 31st 2020 and this was known as "Megxit", secondly the famous couple had a "tell all" interview with Oprah on the 7th March this year. Because of all of the controversy of these two events, social media such as Facebook and Instagram have had many viral jokes and memes about the couple circulating.

Here are the best ones we could find.

Don't mess with the queen, she has skills like James Bond.

queen meme about the oprah interview

No matter who you are, how much money you have or where you are from, never sit under a tree with a family of birds above you. Birds show no mercy.

meghan markle birdshit meme

The meme was rather savage from Taz Thornton

Meghan And Kate Future Queen vs Drama Queen meme

It's true, life really is tough when you have more money than Scrooge McDuck.

Life's So Hard Oprah Interview Meme

@ananavarro hit the nail on the head here, a lot of tea has been spilt recently!

Ah, so according to this meme the whole Meghan Harry scenario is a ploy by King George III to take over America!

Meghan Harry King George III meme

Who wears the pants? Meghan wears the pants.

Harry Dominated By Meghan Meme

Surely Harry and Meghan could have picked a place more out of the public eye to move to, or at the least the creator of this meme thought so.

Royalty Spotlight Oprah Meme

I think this was live footage of the Royal family watching the Harry and Meghan interview.

Royal Family watching Oprah interview meme

Looks like even Disney is cashing in on the Meghan and Harry interview. I wonder where you can purchase these?

This Harry and Meghan meme is very harsh on our red head friends. I don't actually recall Oprah saying this, but then again I didn't even watch the interview.

Ginger Baby Oprah Interview Meme

It wouldn't be a meme war with the inclusion of this guy.

Harry Meghan Oprah and Leonardo Meme

Even James Bond has been brought into the Harry and Meghan meme war.

James Bond and Harry Meghan Markle meme

Who knew that the queen had skills in the automotive industry?

Queen Working on Meghan Markles Car Meme

I thought Robin Williams was dead, turns out he interviewed Harry and Meghan.

Harry and Meghan Interviews By Mrs Doubtfire Meme

I had no idea the Queen was so agile!

Queen climbing wall for Megham meme

So rich yet so oppressed!

Harry and Meghan Oprah Money Meme

Remember that time Harry dressed up as a Nazi? Whoever made this meme sure did.

Racist Harry Dressed As Nazi Meme

I don't even think that Billy Joel or Elton John have a gold piano. @profmmurray

Queen gold piano meme

Actually a little bit of truth behind this Harry and William meme. @redtapeidiot

harry and diana vs william and charles meme

When the queen starts a livestream, you better be watching and listening. @davidmackau

queen on livestream meme

The Netflix writers of "The Crown" after watching the Harry and Meghan interview.

I'm lovin it! Or at least Harry is lovin it!

Harry and Meghan McDonalds Meme

Truth or fiction, either way Netflix is rubbing their palms together with the money to be made! Tweet below from @kjsen

Netflix The Crown meme

It is almost like you are working out which shade of paint is acceptable for your living room best according to @whatalib

Harry Meghan Oprah skin color check meme

Queen checking shade of Archie's skin meme

Yep, if it wasn't for the tv series "Suits" then none of this would have happened. Meghan wouldn't have been famous enough to catch the attention of prince Harry.

Suits ruining royal family dominoes meme

Looks like Harry and Meghan are settling well into their new life in the US.

Harry and Meghan Trailer Park Meme

An absolute PR nightmare according to @Rheamada1

Royal PR team meme

Yoko Ono has nothing on Meghan Markle according to this meme circulating.

Yoko Ono Meghan Markle Meme

Wow, that is even better than the prizes that you can win on the "Ellen" show.

Harry and Meghan free kia car meme

Megan and Prince Harry saying they’re going to “work to become financially independent” has big “everyone in Knives Out describing themselves as “self made” energy


Wow Meghan got Harry off the dole!

— Camilla Blackett (@camillard) January 8, 2020

Well, there it is, we will be sure to add any other funny memes about the Harry and Meghan interview with Oprah as they surface. For now, Keep Laughing Forever everyone!

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