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Lady Gets Into Kids Car.. And Gets Stuck!

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Lady gets stuck in kids toy car

There is a reason that children's toys have an age limit written on them and Scottish woman Zoe Archibald 34 found this out the hard way when she became trapped in her cousins toy car. (Video Below)

She climbed into her yellow and red "Little Tikes Car" as a joke and was saying that she could fit into the miniature car.

Zoe was not wrong to some but whilst she could sort of get into the car, or at least fit the car over her body, she was unable to get the car off of her and she became very stuck!

Her nephew Matthew Shepherd-Bull was was quoted saying "There was no way she could get herself out," Zoe was apparently stuck for an hour!

"No matter what we did she wasn't able to get out. Everyone found it funny, even Zoe," said young Matthew.

Luckily Zoe's dad is handy with a bread knife and managed to help her get free by cutting through the plastic. "It took about 15 minutes to cut through the plastic," Matthew said.

Here is the video of Zoe jammed up in the car, it seems to just get funnier and funnier the more we watch it!

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