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Lady With 'World's Biggest Lips' Wants Biggest Cheekbones

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Lady with world's largest lips

Photo source: Instagram

Andrea Ivanova became famous when she spent £8,000 on her extremely huge lips with a goal to have the "world's biggest lips".

Turns out Andrea is just getting started and is now looking to and it turns out she's not done yet and she is now trying to achieve the world's biggest cheekbones.

Andrea began her surgeries in 2018 and is apparently modelling herself on a Bratz doll, and to that end she's had surgery on her jaw and had filler placed in her chin. Picture of Bratz doll below.

Photo of Bratz doll

After achieving her desired lip size Andrea is now interested in pursuing cheekbone fillers to become the person with the "world's biggest cheekbones".

I guess we all have goals in life.

So far Andrea has received over 34 injections in her lips and continues to have and more.

She claims several clinics "refuse" to give her more lip fillers, as they are too big and more injections could cause health complications.

Previously, doctors warned her to pay attention to any pain in her mouth, as future procedures could be potentially "fatal".

Speaking about her opinion, she said: "My lips are still not big enough and I want them much bigger than now.

Woman with world's largest lips

What do you think about this look folks?

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