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Lion vs Turtle... Who Wins?

Turtle Scaring off A Lion At The Watering Hole
photo: Youtube

An extremely bizarre incident has occurred between a lion and a turtle at a drinking hole in Africa.

A lion is taking a drink from the watering hole when all of a sudden a terrapin turtle appears and confronts the lion as if to say "hey you, find your own damn drinking hole, this is mine!".

The king of the jungle looks confused and even looks up at the camera as if to say "are you guys seeing this? Is this turtle serious?"

The incident took place at the MalaMala Private Game Reserve in Greater Kruger Park.

The unique incident was filmed by guide Reggi Barreto, 30.

Reggi told Latest Sightings: “I knew the lions would look for water to drink and we positioned ourselves in the perfect spot with the sunlight in our favor, ready for the sighting. What came next we did not expect – I was pleasantly surprised when the terrapin came out of the wallow towards the male and then the lioness.”

This turtle is one brave little guy. He not only takes on the lion but he even swims over and tells his lioness partner to be on her way too.

The remarkable thing about this confrontation is that the turtle actually wins. The lion ends up either too frustrated by the turtle nipping at him or possibly the situation is just too weird for him and the lion eventually leaves the drinking hole.

People on social media have been impressed by this brave little turtle

That’s why I love turtles fearless beasts

Pretty sure the turtle just smelled the blood and wanted to know if it could eat. Tf is wrong with people lmao. It has nothing to do with guarding a water hole.

Crocodile: well it's time to say him the truth that he was adopted!

Just goes to show, it is the about the size of dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog, or turtle as the case may be!

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