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Magpie Makes Footy Player Leave The field

Updated: May 22, 2021

Magpie Attacking Footy Player

Magpies are well known for "swooping" people in Australia, especially cyclists, but this particular magpie was hell bent on harassing a young football player at a local footy game in New South Wales.

The young player that is attacked in the video has been identified on social media as Jack Skinner who plays for Parkes Spacemen.

The magpie certainly does target Jack and doesn't seem interested in any of the other players. Perhaps it is Jack's headgear, perhaps it is the fact that Jack keeps looking at the magpie, perhaps Jack looked like an easy target, we don't know, magpies are weird.

Enough was enough for Jack and he eventually starts to leave the field while an official helps by taking a swipe at the aggressive magpie. Perhaps it was a Collingwood Magpie, we don't know.

The man who is filming it seems pretty happy that he captured the incident on camera and you can hear the laughter of the crowd during the ordeal.

We feel for you Jack, Magpies can be extremely annoying and you aren't the first and won't be the last to be swooped buddy.

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