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Man Accidentally Gets High While Cleaning Old Synthesizer

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

A sound engineer by the name of Eliot Curtis was going about his normal business and attempting to repair an old synthesizer when things started getting really weird for him..

Eliot Curtis, Man Who Got High From Synthesizer
Eliot Curtis, Man Who Got High From Synthesizer

Eliot Curtis was working his job at KPIX Channel 5 in San Fransisco California when he found a semi-ancient Buchla Model 100 Synthesizer stored away in a dark room. He decided that give the machine an overdue clean and he took off the front of the unit and began the cleaning, however after wiping off a crystal-like substance he started feeling very strange..

The crystal substance dissolved in Eliot's hand and he was quoted saying "felt like I was tripping out on LSD", probably because he was! Eliot ended up going on a 9 hour acid trip!

His wife Holly was pretty relaxed about the whole scene “I think it’s super wild,” she stated. “I think this whole situation is a nice chapter in the history of counterculture.”

So a word from the wise, next time you decide to get an old synthesizer old of storage for cleaning and restoration, it is probably a good idea to wear gloves. It turns out that it is very possible to absorb LSD through your skin.

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