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Man Asks For Help With His Pyramid Photo - Results Are Hilarious

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

A gentleman by the name of Furqan Shayk who has the Instagram @furqanshayk asked the internet to assist him with a picture of him in front of the pyramids.

Man standing in front of pyramids

The obvious edit would be to make the peak of the pyramids sit beneath Furqan's fingertips, the internet had different ideas though! Check out the following hilarious edits.

Guy standing on top of pyramids

Things started off as basic edits and then escalated quickly. First edit was just place Farqar at the top of the pyramids.

Pyramid guy standing on top of himself

Then the man got doubled so he could reach the peak.

Pyramid guy doing the dusting

Need help with some dusting?

Pyramid guy with kite

Let's go fly a kite!

Pyramid guy raising a cricket bat

That feeling when you reach 100 runs!

Pyramid guy with Statue Of Liberty

Unsure how he ended up in America!

Pyramid guy with statue

Nothing funnier than the statue weiner joke.

Pyramid guy frying food

Little bit of fried food? Yes please.

Pyramid guy doing laundry

Gotta get your laundry done guys!

Guy pulling ballet pose in front of pyramids

He sure is flexible!

Pyramid guy holding up fish

Fish for sale! Fish for sale!

Pyramid guy feeding dinosaur icecream

Dinos love icecream!

Pyramid guy with eagle

Lending a helpful talon.

Pyramid guy dunking basketball

Slam dunk Jordan styles.

Pyramid guy reaching for crisps.

Pass the crisps bro.

Donkey helping man reach pyramid.

That is one helpful donkey!

So who is Furqan Shayk? He was the administrator of Facebook pages like Kick Ass Vines and Funny Vines, helping create trends and viral videos for others. He then started making comedy Vines himself. He has a pretty big following on social media and his followers certainly didn't let this comedy opportunity slide by.

Well played internet, well played!

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