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Man Discovers How To Unburn A Pizza

Updated: May 14, 2022

Man fixing burned pizza with grinder power tool

A man has become an internet sensation by fixing his burnt pizza crust by using an angle grinder. We all know how frustrating it is when you leave your pizza in the oven and the crust turns black, well there is no need to get upset and throw the pizza out anymore, there is a simple solution.

As you can see in the following video, the man has overcooked his pizza and the bottom is charcoal black which is anything but delicious like a pizza should be. He quickly whips out his hand held power grinder and clears away the charcoal mess with precision.

We are yet to find out if the man was able to salvage the other side of the pizza with the cheese on it, but who are we to even consider questioning this pizza expert.

As always the comedy in the comments section for this video have not let us down

So much faster than when i cut or scrape with a knife! Except its coating the house in burnt crumbs...

If only I knew about this last week. I just scraped the top part onto pita bread like a fool

My mom can’t cook to save her life. When we were kids, she’d bake us cookies, and then send us outside with a cookie and a butter knife so we could scrape the burnt part off the bottom lol

So next time you burn your pizza fear not! Just break out the angle grinder and remedy the burnt base instantly!

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