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Man Gets Stuck On Pole With Pants Down

man stuck on pole with his pants down.

In one of the funniest videos we have ever seen, a man in Galway Ireland is making the internet laugh really hard for his encounter with a short street pole.

The man literally runs into a pole and ends up getting stuck in the worst possible way, his pants are down, he is getting wet and boy is he stuck!

Credit on this video goes to the TikTok user @discovergalway Lord only knows how they found this video but boy is it beautiful comedy.

What makes this video even funnier is the people that walk by the man, it is as if it is business as usual in Galway for them. As the man wrestles to get free from the pole, things just seem to get worse for him as you can see below in the hilarious video.

The pole humor doesn't end there though, check out this guy here who is even more stuck than our mate above in Galway.

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