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Man Makes Lambo Out Of Cardboard

Updated: Jun 16

A man from New Zealand by the name of David Jones has built himself a supercar, a Lamborghini, and the amazing part of this story is that he built the car out of cardboard!

David Jones is a kiwi YouTuber with a fanbase of 517k followers at the time of this article.

The Lamborghini is known as the Cardborghini and as you can see in the video below, the car is actually able to be driven!

Instead of putting the cardboard supercar out with the recycling, David decided to auction the cardboard Lambo on the New Zealand Auction site Trademe.

The car ended up selling for a whopping $10,420 NZD which exceeded David's expectations.

"It is crazy" David told “I didn't think it was going to sell for very much, maybe $50, so I was going to say that I was going to match [what ever it sold for], but I'm pretty happy I didn't now,”

David planned on donating the money from the car to charity, the only question is which charity did he choose?

When David was 14 years old he battled cancer and was treated at the Starship Hospital for Children. He thought this was the perfect charity to donate the money to, so he donated every penny to the children's hospital.

The cardboard Lambo was purchased by wealthy Christchurch resident Dean Graham who is going to add the car to his collection of 120 cars that he keeps next door to his house in his "man cave".

Very impressive work David, very impressive indeed. We love your cardboard lambo complete with car accessories and working wheels.

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