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Man Opens Plane Door Mid Flight!

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Plane door opened mid flight

Hold on to your hats, folks, we’ve got a crazy news story! A man has been arrested after he decided to make a dramatic exit from his Asiana Airlines flight headed to South Korea. This guy was so anxious to get off the plane that he cracked open a door mid-flight, while the Airbus A321-200 jet was still 250 meters from the ground. Can you imagine? Talk about impatient!

Now, we don’t want to be too hard on the guy; he was having a tough time. The man in his 30s told authorities that he was feeling suffocated and just needed to get off that plane. “I gotta get outta here!” he probably thought to himself. Well, he certainly succeeded in his mission—the flight attendants were so caught off guard that they couldn’t stop him before he released the emergency door.

As you can imagine, the incident caused a bit of an uproar in the cabin. Some passengers fainted and others had breathing problems – we’re talking full-on hysteria here. Imagine watching as some madman ripped open a plane door mid-flight! It’s no wonder those passengers had trouble keeping their cool.

Watch video footage of the incident below

In fact, the police who came to investigate the situation said that the man couldn't be questioned because he was "not in a normal state." That’s one way to put it! The now infamous Flight OZ8124 came all the way from Jeju Island before landing safely at Daegu International Airport. At least everyone was okay, right?

One passenger, a 44-year-old, gave his account of the craziness, “It was chaos with people close to the door appearing to faint one by one and flight attendants calling out for doctors on board through broadcasting. I thought the plane was blowing up. I thought I was going to die like this." To be fair, who wouldn't be freaking out?

While everyone may have lived to tell the tale and we can all chuckle a bit at this reenactment of a Loony Tunes cartoon, we strongly advise against attempting any similar stunts on your next flight. Sit tight, buckle up and enjoy the ride. That's what we are supposed to do!

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