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Man Pashes His Daughter In Radio Competition For $1000

Updated: May 22, 2021

Source: Kyle And Jackie Instagram

There are some things that you should keep in the family and some things that you shouldn't, romantic relations is one of the things that you shouldn't keep on the family!

On an Aussie radio station show called The Kyle And Jackie-O show, there is a competition where a man and a woman come into the radio station and Kyle and Jackie must guess if they are a romantic pair or a father and daughter couple.

The contestants on this particular day were a father and daughter combo who were going by the names of Nick and Stacy. They made a convincing effort of faking their romantic relationship from the moment that they entered the radio station, they held hands and gave each other a quick peck before entering the studio.

The couple proceeded to enter the studio and sit down where they were given a bunch of awkward questions on topics including sexual positions and Stacy's breasts.

The hosts Kyle and Jackie read the couples body language and interactions with each other and are to guess whether they are related to each other or romantically involved with each other. A pretty bloody weird idea for a game if you ask me.

When Nick was asked about his favourite sexual position he said "I like underneath, absolutely" whilst daughter Stacy nodded in approval. Nick also said that Stacy "taught him a lot" when referring to oral.

Stacy was happy to play along too, she said that her "decent pair" of boobs helped to land her boyfriend Nick "hook, line and sinker".

Eventually radio host Jackie-O asked "Would you guys be willing to give each other just a little kiss on the lips? Because if it's your dad, I wouldn't want to be encouraging a pash or anything."

They proceeded to kiss as you can see in the video and after the big reveal Stacy said"The things we do for money. This is actually my father."

The hosts seemed to be shocked but perhaps covered the awkwardness, with Jackie yelling "no, that didn't just happen".

Stacy then went on to say"My boyfriend's going to be mortified." To be honest Stacy, we think you will be lucky if you still have a boyfriend after these shananigans.

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