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Man Persistently Calls 911 Asking For Biden To Be Arrested

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Man who kept calling 911 asking for Biden to be arrested

A 29 year Florida man by the name of Jacob Philbeck thought that it would be a good idea for society if he kept calling up the 911 dispatchers and requesting President Joe Biden be arrested.

Turns out this was not a great idea at all as the only one that ended up getting arrested was himself for making all of these "emergency" calls.

According to the arrest report, Jacob dialed in to the emergency line multiple times and said that "El Chapp needed to be freed from prison and president Biden needed to be placed into prison."

Each time the man called 911 and requested for Biden's arrest he was told by dispatchers that his request was not an emergency request and that he should only use 911 for real emergencies.

The man did not heed the dispatchers advice and kept persistently calling 911 with the "exact same issue" until eventually local deputies were sent around to his house.

When the authorities arrived at Jacob Philbecks house, he told them "El Chapo needed to be freed" and that " President Biden needed to be put in prison".

Jacob was eventually arrested and charged with misuse of the 911 system and bond was set at 150 bucks.

Well, why did he do this? Turns out alcohol may have been a factor.

Be careful how much you drink people, and only use an emergency numbers for real emergencies!

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