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Man Rescues Seagull - Gets more than he bargained for

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Kiwi bloke Robert Tahau has a big heart of gold and has been an animal lover way before he became an internet sensation. A selfie video of him both rescuing and getting attacked by an injured seagull has sent Robert viral.

Robert was driving his truck when he saw an injured bird on the side of the road which appeared to have a broken wing.

Robert rescues the bird, takes it to his truck and wraps it in a t-shirt however instead of the bird being timid and weakly, it starts pecking our hero Robert in a hilarious selfie video.

We imagine that getting pecked by a big seagull is pretty painful so we can understand why Robert is cursing! The cursing and constant apologising make for an absolutely hilarious video as you can see below.

The story has a bit of a sad ending unfortunately. Robert planned on taking the injured bird to the local vet or the SPCA however they were both closed for the day. Robert took the bird home overnight and gave it some TLC but unfortunately by morning time the bird has passed over into seagull heaven.

Robert had disposed of the dead bird by throwing it over his fence but when he realised how many people had enjoyed his video he decided to retrieve the seagull and give it a proper burial.

George the Monkey salutes you Robert!

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