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Man Robs Store With Undies On His Head

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Well, we have always thought that your underpants served one purpose and one purpose only but turns out we were wrong.

A bloke by the name of Shawn McCormick did not have a mask on him so he decided to use a pair of undies as a makeshift mask whilst robbing a gas station in Missouri, we are unsure if the undies were clean or not.

McCormick entered the gas station with a rifle and threatened the attendant with the gun and robbed the gas station with some undies on his head as you can see in the photo below.

Above photo: From the Moberly Police Department/Facebook

Unfortunately for the 26 year old bloke he didn't get away with the crime and the police arrested him and his undies a couple of days after the event.

Two lessons to learn here.

1. You shouldn't commit robberies because chances are you are going to get caught.

2. Never wear undies on your head as a mask because it makes you look like a knob.

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