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Man Tries To Kick Dog And Gets Instant Karma

Homeless dog

We all know that animal abuse is completely wrong, but some people need to learn this lesson the hard way.

We have put together videos of men trying to kick dogs out in public and getting exactly what they deserve in return for trying to perform such a despicable act of animal cruelty. A good dose of instant karma.

First up we have a man who tries to put his boot to a dog who is eating out of a rubbish can. Things don't go as planned for the man and he ends up injuring his lower back.

Watch below

Next up we have a man who appears to be drunk who ends up on his ass after attempting to kick a dog on the street.

The next one is a slightly different dose of karma. Instead of falling down when this guy tries to kick the dog, he ends up sending his shoe into orbit. Good luck trying to find your boot buddy!

Moral of the story? Dogs are man's best friend, don't go around trying to kick our furry friends or instant karma may just take care of you too!

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