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Man Waltzes With Predator Shark

Man Waltzing With Shark

You have probably heard of swimming with sharks which is usually done from the safety of a cage, but have you heard of ballroom dancing with a shark? Because one brave man performed this feat in front of shoppers at the Oceanarium in the Neptune shopping mall in St Petersburg, Russia.

For those of you who don't know what an Oceanarium is, it is a massive aquarium that mimics a piece of the ocean.

Anyway, the scuba diver went viral when he entertained onlooking mall shoppers with a sweet ballroom waltz with this big shark. The dancing shark video was matched with the famous song "Fly Me To The Moon" by Frank Sinatra and seems to work extremely well.

You can watch the video below.

Not surprising though, there has been backlash over this from the Karen's out there.

A comment on twitter from one lady was “The sharks that I’ve seen captive in aquariums look severely depressed—not moving, just waiting to die—like this poor shark. For an aquarium to abuse a shark for profit like this is extremely disturbing.”

Don't worry though, most people loved this moment shared between man and fish. Here are some of the more positive and funny comments on YouTube.

O! RU, L82? I love everything about this. 💃🐚🦈

Truth when a shark can get a dance and you can’t even get a text back

Friend: who are you inviting to prom?

Me: sweats nervously

We at Keep Laughing Forever thoroughly enjoyed this waltz between man and fish. You won't see me swimming, let alone dancing with anything that resembles "Jaws".

We have loads more funny and weird news stories here.

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