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Mr "Golf Pro" Tries To School A Seasoned Pro

Pro Golfer Georgia Ball

A wild golfing tale is making the rounds on the internet! Picture this – professional golfer Georgia Ball is out honing her skills when a self-proclaimed golf guru swoops in with unsolicited advice. This guy, boasting about his two decades on the green, decides it's his duty to school her mid-swing!

Enter the world of 'mansplaining' at its finest! Our hero politely listens as Mr. Know-It-All explains that her swing is all wrong. But fear not, Georgia Ball isn't one to let that dampen her spirits. She coolly informs him she's experimenting while he persists with his unwanted coaching.

Despite her incredible drive straight down the fairway, our friendly neighborhood expert is quick to pat himself on the back, claiming credit for her success. Undeterred, Ball explains her strategy, but Captain Golf insists his way is the only way, citing his 20 years of experience.

Watch the incident take place below

Meanwhile, Ball's Instagram online squad of over 270,000 followers is in a frenzy. They commend her for her grace under pressure and commend her for handling the situation like a pro. Fans flood her comments with praises for her patience and poise, even as they cringe at the awkward encounter.

What a show! Golf swings and unsolicited advice – a match made in internet heaven!

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