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New Coronavirus Challenge Has People Licking Toilet Seats

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Ava Louise is an Instagram model/influencer and is also now famous for licking a toilet seat on a plane last Friday on a flight to Miami.

Ava claims that this is part of a "Coronavirus Challenge" and can be seen in the video below attacking the toilet seat with her tongue like a dog having a go at a flavoured ice treat. She then goes on to throw out a peace sign for her followers, very hip.

Understandably, the 21 year old Instagram icon came under fire immediately with some people even calling for her to be put a jail for such a vile act.

Her non remorseful comments about the incident were nearly as disturbing as the video footage. She was quoted saying “I trolled America,” and “Like, it was a clean toilet seat. On a sugar daddy’s plane.” She is also claiming that she is healthy and feeling fine.

“I feel hot, rich and iconic. If those are the symptoms of corona then bitch, I’m ill!”

Fortunately there are no other “coronavirus challenge's” going around that we know about.

I mean, I have seen people do some pretty weird stuff whilst seeking attention but this takes the cake in terms of disgusting. I don't care how clean that toilet seat is, you couldn't pay me to put my tongue anywhere near it.

We recommend that you keep your tongue away from all toilet seats and it is probably a good idea not to ever kiss Ava Louise should the opportunity arise because you would be kissing a toilet second hand!

Stay clean and safe people

B-Man & George The Monkey

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