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New Research Shows Starfish Actually Have A Head!

Floating Starfish

Stop the presses! Hold on tight because we're about to dive into the wild world of starfish—those quirky creatures we thought were headless, but boy, were we wrong! In a mind-blowing study conducted by a British university, it has been revealed that starfish have been pulling a disappearing act on their bodies over time, leaving them with just their heads intact. Yes, you heard that right, starfish may very well be all about the head! For years, scientists scratched their heads, trying to wrap their minds around the peculiar shape of these echinoderms—those sea-faring fellows who hang out with sea urchins and sand dollars. With their bodies split symmetrically into five sections, experts were left perplexed. Was that chunk the front or the back? The head or the bottom? Confusion was rampant. But fear not! Dr. Jeff Thompson, from the University of Southampton, and his team embarked on a quest for answers. They compared the molecular markers of starfish with other members of the animal kingdom's deuterostome party, which includes vertebrates like us. They all shared a common ancestor, making it possible for the scientists to directly compare their development.

3D starfish scan

Using some cutting-edge molecular and genomic techniques, they created a stunning 3D map to track where specific genes were expressing themselves during the starfish's development. And what they found was mind-blowing! Dr. Thompson, the co-author of this study, revealed that a "crucial part" of a typical body plan was missing in starfish. Those genes responsible for shaping the trunk of other animals were nowhere to be found. It's like starfish said, "Forget about the whole body thing! We'll just rock the head!" So, picture this: your friendly neighborhood starfish, strolling along the seafloor with just its magnificent head in tow. It's not headless at all—it's simply a head having a grand adventure! These groundbreaking findings have been published in the prestigious journal Nature, causing a tidal wave of excitement in the scientific community. So, let's bid farewell to the misconception of headlessness and embrace the glory of the starfish, the ultimate head-crawling champions of the sea!

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