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Man Performs Amazing Trick With Nipples, Plungers And Corona Beers

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

We have seen some pretty funny and crazy stunts performed in lockdown but this trick by

Japanese comedian Kazuhisa Uekusa (the nipple plunger guy) is definitely the weirdest so far.

Kazuhisa has been performing as a comedian for over 10 years. He has even managed to garnish worldwide fame with his performances.

He has starred on Japanese TV, been on NBC, Georgia's Got Talent, been on German's Got Talent, and there is also a bunch of viral videos of him doing hilarious stunts all over the internet.

His biggest achievement was reaching the semi finals on Britains' Got Talent in 2018. Impressive stuff Kazuhisa!

As you can see in the above video, Kazuhisa has a plunger attached over each of his nipples and he proceeds to use these plungers to swiftly dislodge a couple of bottle caps from underneath a half full bottle of Corona beer.

We are uncertain if he sustained any plunger related rash or bruising but he appears to be a veteran in performing such a stunt.

We at Keep Laughing Forever believe that nipples are quite sensitive things and do not recommend that you try this at home!

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