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Old Lady High Fives Marathon Runners And Wins Medal

The world is smiling at the actions of 84-year-old Valeriana Corelli who stood on the street during the Ravenna Marathon in Italy and congratulated all the runners that passed her by giving them cute little high fives.

Watch her in action below

Valeriana stood there for two hours there for two hours congratulating the participants with her high fives. Her thoughtful gesture did not go unnoticed either. The president of the Ravenna Runners Club, who went on to reward her with a medal for her efforts.

Old lady presented with medal for high fiving marathon runners

This happened back in November 2018 and when she was interviewed by local news , she told them “I am truly honored to have contributed to making the Ravenna Marathon even more famous.”

This sweet old Italian lady's actions certainly did not go unnoticed on social media either

This lady is Everything!!! ️️️

Sita @Sita1503 I'm not crying... you are

Well done Valeriana! We think that you are inspirational!

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