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Orangutan Discovers Sunglasses

Orangutan wearing sunglasses

An Orangutan has become a complete internet viral sensation when she decided to wear some stylish sunglasses and become the coolest ape in town.

TikTok user Lolota Testu (@minorcrimes) was visiting the Orangutans at Taman Safari zoo in Bogor, Indonesia when she accidentally dropped her sunglasses into the ape enclosure.

Lola captioned the video: “So I’m down a pair of sunglasses but up a very good story.”

Watch the hilarious incident unfold below

There was concern for a while that the orangutan was going to eat the glasses, but the ape knew exactly what you are meant to do with sunglasses.

Eventually the ape gets bored with them and discards the glasses, perhaps they were not the right brand!?

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