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Pandas Falling Out Of Trees

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Panda falling out of tree

Pandas are super cute animals but they don't always make the best decisions when climbing trees. Sometimes they decide to venture out on to branches which are not strong enough to support the weight of a Panda.

Female Pandas can weigh up to 125kg and males can weigh up to 160kg. We have all heard the saying "the bigger they are, the harder they fall" but that is not quite the case when it comes to these big cuddly beasts skydiving from tree limbs. Turns out Pandas are built for climbing and can usually handle a fall or two down from a tree with no issues!

The following collection of Panda antics is hilarious and this is mainly due to the clever commentary by Ozzy man. Ozzy man is famous for his hilarious reviews of any story that is interesting and funny, this compilation of Panda fails and antics is certainly one of our favourites.

Here is the video but beware, contains a lot of swearing!

If you enjoyed this, then you will probably also want to watch his "Ozzy Man reviews Pandas part 2"

It also contains a lot of swearing, you have been warned!

Some quick fun Panda facts

Pandas are pretty big, as described above they can get to 125kg in weight and they grow to be about 1.5 metres long.

Sometimes Pandas do handstands and pee upside down. This lets them leave their scent higher up on the tree which they are climbing.

Pandas are turd machines. They poo up to 40 times per day!

Pandas spend 10-16 hours per day eating bamboo! They eat bamboo 99% of the time but according to WWF they also eat eggs, small animals, carrion, and forage in farmland for pumpkin, kidney beans, wheat and domestic pig food.

A Panda is coloured for a reason. It helps to camouflage them in different environments. They are mainly white to help hide them in snowy environments. Their limbs are black to help camoflage them in the shade.

We hope you found this article beary funny. For more funny articles click here.

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