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Puppy And Bird Snuggling

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Story Of Winston The Puppy And His Bird Sleeping Partner
Winston The Puppy And Bird Snuggling

This bird and puppy having a snuggle is the cutest thing ever!

The tiny little puppy by the name of Winston is worn out and looking to get close to his mother to have a little sleep at her side. The mother is nowhere to be found but there is a pet bird nearby and Winston thinks, "the bird will do as a pillow" and proceeds to lay down on the bird.

The bird is an extremely understanding creature as you can see and doesn't seem to mind having a little dog as a makeshift blanket. Most birds would probably get their feathers ruffled (pun intended), but this bird just remains calm and goes with the flow.

This is definitely one of the cutest things that we at Keep Laughing Forever have ever witnessed!

Check out our videos below for more laughter :)

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