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Seagull Shoplifts Like A Pro

Updated: May 14, 2022

Seagull Stealing Packet Of Chips In Aberdeen

An extremely cheeky Scottish seagull became an internet hit when he decided to shoplift a packet of chips from a co-op store in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The seagull executes the theft like a seasoned criminal. The birds lurks around outside waiting for someone to trigger the automatic doors, when a man walks through and triggers the opening of the doors, the seagull makes his move!

The bold seagull proceeds to enter the store and walks past various flavour's of chips until it decides to pinch some ready salted Walkers' crisps. Nice choice bird!

Watch the incident below

This is not the only time that a crafty seagull has committed a crime in Aberdeen. Check out "Gus" the seagull below as he steals a tuna sandwich successfully, despite the efforts of a local shopper trying to thwart his plans.

The public have once again not let us down with their comments on these videos

not all heros wear capes .. some open the doors for seagulls

my man aided in assisted burglary lmao

How come the guy doesn't call the cops? Just witnessing a crime without taking action is being complicit in the crime!

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