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Local Man Decides To Shower In Rotorua Carwash

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

In the New Zealand town of Rotorua, a local man decided to get naked and take his showering to the next level!

In 2018 Malo Harris felt the need to go all industrial in terms of cleaning his body. It turns out Malo has trouble turning down a dare and when the challenge of getting naked and enduring the motorised brushes of the carwash was thrown on the table he couldn't turn it down!

It is not common for New Zealand men to get naked in public so Malo is definitely an exception to the cause as you can see in the video below.

When kiwi comedian Guy Williams tracked Malo down and interviewed him he asked Malo if he would jump off a bridge if his mate did, Malo replied "depends how high the bridge was".

Being a monkey I am partial to swinging on branches, vines and jumping into ponds etc but one thing is for sure , you will not find me getting my butt water brushed by a big robot at a service station.

George The Monkey

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