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T-Rexes Race For Glory

Emerald Downs is a racetrack in Washington State that usually has horses and jockeys competing against each other, nobody would have bet that the track would be seeing a bunch of T-Rexes racing each other though!

We are yet to confirm if these nimble T-Rexes are actual dinosaurs or humans dressed in T-Rex costumes, it is a very close call. Either way the video below makes for some excellent viewing.

Track announcer Tom Harris is used to calling horse races but does an excellent job calling this Flintstone aged dino race "The T-Rexes stand at the ready — and T-Rexes away!" he says.

The race is actually run by TriGuard Pest Control. The company has had its annual outing there for years but the dinosaur racing began in 2017. Sales manager Cody Bennett said "The third, fourth, and fifth years we have raced in our T-Rex suits on the track, and everyone seems to love it,".

Well, one thing is for sure, we really loved it! This makes for a very random and hilarious watch.

Apparently before the T-Rex theme came on the scene, the employees first came to the event wearing Hawaiian shirts and then togas. The guys at Triguard sure do know how to party!

Bennett has also stated that next year's dino race would be even better, stating that Triguard would find a way to "kick it up a notch."

We look forward to seeing the next race!

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