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Tasmanian Devil Steals Phone

Tasmanian Devil steals phone

A hilarious video is doing the rounds of a cheeky Tasmanian Devil who steals a ladies iPhone and is not interested at all in giving it back.

The incident took place at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Tasmania.

Park visitor Jacqui Frazer was leaning over the barrier when all of a sudden the Tassy Devil jumped towards her which caused her to get a bit of a fright and release her phone.

A sanctuary worker steps on to the scene to help retrieve the iPhone but as you can see in the video below, the Devil is not interested in giving it back! Perhaps he has some calls to make?

As usual, the comments from the internet have not let us down.

DE💵FUND ALL BILLIONAIRES "Hi, Mom, it's me, Taz! Yeah, I snatched another phone from some fool! So, how's Grandma?"

After dialing emergency services, the little devil screamed "Lemme outa' here! I can't live in an enclosure! I wanna live FREE!"

I wouldn't expect it to give the phone back. It's not called a Tasmanian angel.

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