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The 20 Worst Haircuts Ever

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

We have put together a photo collection of the worst haircuts which we could find.

We are amazed that these haircut victims would have the nerve to actually walk out in public with these hairstyles.

Nevertheless, this collection of the worst haircuts ever will no doubt provide you with a laugh or two. And remember, don't try this at home!

First bad haircut looks like someone had a go on their head with the clippers when they were asleep, but the said shaver got bored halfway through and left the front and back of the head hairy.

lady with badly shave head hairstyle

Next on the list is a sad and droopy rainbow mohawk. Possibly this is jsut a clip on? I sure hope so for their sake.

person with droopy rainbow mohawk

Taking patriotism to the next level! USA! USA!

lady with american flag on back of her head

This woman appears to be reinventing the term pony tail.

lady with horse and joint ponytail

The lady below is channelling Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber with her bad haircut.

Lady with dumb and dumber haircut

The boys have arrived at the wedding and are ready for action!

men with bad hairstyles

My man here is doing an excellent impression of the Streetfighter character Guile. Sonic boom!

Man with Streetfighter Guile haircut

When you and your bestie have a ying yang/inverse relationship.

2 ladies with inverse haircut colors

Next worst haircut is the old cube on the skull look. Nice work.

cube on head hairstyle

The next person appears to have had a fight with a sheep shearer and lost badly.

bad chopped up haircut

The old magical arch with a pearl suspended in the middle style. Classy.

magic floating pearl hairstyle

Just to confirm his mullet, he had a line shaved in the back for extra definition.

mullet with shave line hairstyle

The poor woman had a flock of birds try to make a nest on her head whilst the hairdresser was out back having a break.

Birds nest haircut

When you really love Easter you sometimes need to let the world know with your hairstyle.

Colorful easter haircut

When you can't decide which bad haircut to get, just order both!

double bad ladies haircut

The old half moon bad haircut. Very lunar friendly.

bad half moon haircut

Nicki Minaj wanted the leopard and the candyfloss hairstyles. Her head must be a fire hazard with all that hairspray!

Nicki Minaj candyfloss and leopard haircut

Looks like the joker stuck his head out of a moving vehicle and then used hairspray.

bad joker green haircut

When you love mermaids so much that you get a haircut that looks like their tails.

Haircut like a mermaid tail

Hopefully these bad haircuts made you laugh as much as they made me laugh!

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