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The Dog That Can Fly Like A Missile

Seen a bird fly? Yes. Seen a plane fly? Yes. Seen a dog fly before? Probably not, but Sounders is the closest thing we have ever seen to a flying dog.

There is a sport for dogs which you may not have heard of called "dock diving" where dogs take a run up from a platform and fly through the air trying to grab a toy stick with their mouth.

Sounders is a whippet breed dog and is a master at dock diving according to Guiness World Records, holding the record of 11.02 metres (36 feet 2 inches) at a dock-jumping competition held at Michael Ellis School in Santa Rosa, California, USA, on 22 September 2019.

Watch the footage below of Sounders the dog setting a new world record at dock diving.

Whippets are bred to race and hunt things that move like rabbits. Whippets are famous for both their natural sheer speed and agility, but it isn't all natural talent that has propelled Sounders to be the best flying dog in the world. Owner Laurel Behnke said in an interview with Purina that the 3 secrets to Sounders amazing ability are

"Excellent Breeding — fast, keen whippets with good health and temperament.

Advanced Nutrition — Which is what I get from Pro Plan® Sport.s (this is a special dog food)

Consistent Exercise — Walks, free running, swimming, and fetch."

Well done Sounders, we are all definitely very impressed at your ability to fly without wings!

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