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The Funniest Olympic Fails Of All Time

Updated: May 14, 2022

Usain Bolt falling over with camera man

The Olympics makes for some great viewing but it gets even better when we look at the funniest bloopers and fails from Olympic history.

Some extremely funny bloopers have happened including the time when Usain Bolt was mowed down by a cameraman after winning the 100m sprint, or when the pole vaulter Lazaro Borges from Cuba had an equipment fail in 2012 when he was mid vault and his pole snapped.

With everything from fails on the ice, bloopers from the gymnastics, hurdle fails and ice skating whoopsies this video below is loaded with laughs. There are bloopers from the Olympics with a few other fails thrown in from other random sporting events for good measure and belly laughs.

More funny stories below.

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