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The Top Ten Easter Jokes

Updated: Apr 2

Hot cross buns, Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny, it is that time of year again. What better way to celebrate Easter than with the funniest Easter jokes!

Easter will be still be slightly different this year for many of us with lockdown restrictions in effect in some places, but hopefully you still managed to get your hands on some chocolate eggs, if not, you will just have to make do with having a laugh at our funny Easter jokes.

10. How do you stop your Easter eggs melting before you get them home?

Eat them all in the car park.

9. What do you call the Easter bunny when he has lice?

Bugs bunny

8. What kind of music does the Easter bunny listen to when he makes his deliveries?

Hip hop

7. What does the Easter bunny have in common with Shaquille O'Neal?

They are both famous for stuffing baskets.

6. Why was the young girl so sad after the Easter egg race?

Because an egg beater.

5. The Easter Bunny accidentally slammed his tail in a door when delivering Easter eggs. Where did he go to purchase a new one?

A retail outlet.

4. Every day of the year except Easter: Kids, I better not catch you putting anything in your mouth that you pick up off the ground outside.

Easter: Hunt around in the garden and look for chocolate eggs a rabbit left for you.

3. What is impossible to see and smells like rotten carrots?

Easter bunny farts.

2. Why do you sometimes see a picture of the Easter Bunny wearing a hat?

He is having a bad Hare day.

1. I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger eating an Easter Egg. I said to him, "Arnie, what is your favourite holiday of the year?" He replied "Have to love Easter... baby"

Bonus jokes:

What is the best way to make an Easter Bunny Stew?

Interrogate him.

What do you get when you pour hot water down a rabbit warren?

Hot cross bunnies.

How is your diet going?

Me: Really bad, I had eggs for breakfast.


Me: Cadbury's

and now a few funny Easter memes.

We hope that you enjoyed these Easter jokes and that you have a great Easter weekend with your family.

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