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The Weirdest Stuntman You Willl Ever See!

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Stuntman With Knives And Balloons Jan Erichsen
Stuntman With Knives And Balloons Jan Erichsen

Jan Erichsen is an artist of sorts that records himself on his mobile phone doing really different and dangerous stunts with such things as knives, taco shells, balloons and spaghetti.

Jan has become a viral sensation with his videos. He does peculiar things such as wearing an outfit made of knives and then have balloons swing at him and then pop on the sharp knife edges.

This truly is some weird stuff and I suggest you watch this video to get an understanding of what I am talking about.

Jan has quite the following on social media too, if you want to follow him on twitter you can do so here.

His most popular video is called Balloon Mayhem, can you count how many balloons he pops in total? We can't, there are just too many! You can watch balloon mayhem below, it has had 144k views so far

It hasn't always been a fun ride for the Norwegian stuntman/artist, he had an unfortunate accident when he was making an instagram video. He fell off his homemade bridge onto a sculpture of 100 knives!

The accident seems to have really opened Jan's eyes to the dangers of knives in his art and he was quoted saying that "this accident puts everything in a different light, obviously. Yeah, I think my knife era is over. I think I'm going to do other things."

We look forward to what other weird performances Jan will come up with, he truly is a unique man!

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