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Thief mistakenly snorts semen instead of drugs. Catches STD's.

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

A man has received some pretty serious karma for committing a burglary and stealing what he thought to be a jar of drugs. It was actually a jar of semen and infected semen at that!

Just when you think that the internet has hit its peak in terms of weird stuff, a story like this surfaces.

An American man in Northern Florida by the name of Jerry Smith was recently apprehended for multiple burglaries he has done over the past year.

The thief, 29 year old Jerry was being questioned by local authorities when he revealed how one of his burglary jobs did not go to plan at all, leaving him with three separate kinds of sexually transmitted diseases.

Story Of Jerry Smith , The Man Who Snorted Semen
Jerry Smith , Man Who Snorted Semen

Jerry broke down into tears as he detailed of how he stole a jar which he believed to contain either cocaine or possibly heroin. Jerry thought that he was going to get buzzed off some heavy narcotics but instead he just ended up snorting 50 grams of dried human semen.

A jar of semen? Ewwww, disgusting right?

Jenny White was the victim and she was shocked when she returned home to her apartment in Silver Springs to find that much of her erotic material such as toys and movies had vanished.

You are probably wondering about the jar right? Jenny is a regular tinder user and has an unusual collection of semen from her multiple partners stored in a jar. Kinky stuff.

Jenny was quoted saying “I know it’s weird, but I got every guy I slept with in the last two years to ejaculate in the same jar. There must have been sperm from at least 250 guys in there.”

Jenny went on to say“I had no idea what a criminal could be planning to do with a jar full of dried cum. But snorting it, that’s just gross!” We agree wholeheartedly Jenny!

Here at Keep Laughing Forever think it is one of the weirdest cases of karma we have ever heard. For his troubles, Jerry Smith has collected both oral and genital herpes as well as "the pox" aka syphilis but not only that, if he is found guilty he may be doing 65 years in the slammer and paying a fine of $455k.

The takeaway from this. If ever you see a random jar of white powder, it is highly recommended that you do not start snorting it because you may end up with a sexually transmitted disease or even worse kill yourself!

What have you got for us next internet? We are waiting! lol

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