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This Sport Is A Real Slap In The Face

Vasily Kamotsky At Russian Face Slapping Championship

Imagine just standing there and waiting for a beast of a man to slap you as hard as he can right in the face. It sounds extremely painful and it is, but slapping each other in the face is the name of the game in Russia's Slapping Championship which has two competitors taking turns at slapping each other as hard as they can.

The game is pretty straight forward. First you just approach the slapping table, stand across from your opponent and then deliver a slap to their face as hard as you can, hopefully so hard that they don't want to, or are unable to slap you back!

The match progresses until you either get knocked out or just don't want to take the pain any longer!

The guys put chalk on their hands to ensure that their hand connects to the face and doesn't slip off, it also adds a pretty fun dust explosion to the contact.

Here is some footage of the champion slapper Vasily Kamotsky. Vasily is a Russian Farmer in Siberia and can not only dish out a soul destroying slap, but he can also take them to the face too.

Vasily practising his slaps by casually making a watermelon explode with his bare hand.

Some footage from Vasily's championship matches.

Whilst this is all very entertaining, we think we will stick to games like chess and connect 4 and leave this sport to the big strapping lads in Russia.

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