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Top Ten Confused Dogs Video Memes

Famous confused dog

Get ready to meet the Confused Staring Dogs, the internet's latest sensation that will leave you in stitches! These hilarious canines, a black labrador and a brown boykin spaniel, are known for their outrageously confused expressions that will make you wonder what on earth they're staring at! This meme template took TikTok by storm in late 2023, and it quickly became a hit when paired with the catchy tune "Weatherman" by Hank Williams Jr.

It all started when the original video of the black dog was posted on China's TikTok app Douyin back in late 2022. Fast forward to 2023, and the brown dog also made its debut on TikTok. But it was when these two lovable pups were combined into one meme template by a talented CapCut user named RikaT101 that their popularity really skyrocketed.

On October 22nd, RikaT101 unleashed the "confused dogs" template, and it didn't take long for TikTokers to jump on the trend. People from all corners of the internet couldn't resist using the meme template and jamming out to "Weatherman" while watching these adorable dogs trying to figure out what's happening off-camera.

The craze spread like wildfire, with countless TikToks featuring these awkwardly staring dogs and the infectious beats of "Weatherman." One TikToker in particular, @megomaster, scored a whopping 8.7 million plays and 1.5 million likes in just two weeks with their fantastic video.

So, if you're in need of a good laugh, view our top 10 confused dogs video memes below and have a blast watching these bewildered canines try to unravel the mystery's before them. Just be warned, you might find yourself staring and laughing along with them!

Here is the original video where the dog is realising how lucky he is not to be born hundreds of years ago!

And now here is a mega compilation of these funny confused dog video memes. Sit back and try not to laugh too hard!

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