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Turnips Grown Into Legs And Feet?

Farmers holding Turnips they grew into legs and feet

The photo above is doing it's rounds on social media with the caption "The Farmer couple used silicon to create molds in the shape of their own feet. they then planted turnips using these molds. As the turnips grew, they filled the molds and took on the shape of their feet."

Pretty weird stuff right! But this doesn't appear to be the full story.

These crazy feet were actually made out of turnips by Japanese artist Tsukurimono who states on instagram that "Root part shaped and leaf part using real big root leaves. The roots are from what my father raised in the fields. This is what collaboration looks like."

2 Turnips that have been grown into legs and feet
Source: Tsukurimono's Instagram

There you have it, vegetables that are feet, or is it feet that are vegetables? Either way the internet seems to love this turnippy feet.

This will revolutionize the fetish market!

The level of detail is impressive, imagine it's a mold being veeeery slowly filled up with silicon or whatever, but instead it's just a fruit/vegetable growing into the shape of the mold

Great stuff. Keep right on laughing by checking out one of our other joke categories or read one of our funny articles.

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