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US Law States You Can Own Unlimited Guns But No More Than 6 Dildos

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

pistol and dildo over usa flag

This is not satire, in Texas there is a law that states you may not own any more than 6 sex toys but you can own as many guns as you want.

In terms of the dildos and sex toys, apparently owning more than 6 of them means that you are said to “possess them with intent to promote the same.” This law however does not apply to firearms.

I wonder what the law is around a gun that fires dildos out. We will have to investigate that one I guess.

The US has been in the spotlight around the world due the horrific and tragic mass shootings going on over there and in particular the Ulvade school shooting in Texas where 21 people were killed.

What many people find completely bizarre is that in Texas the current legislation lets anyone 21 years or older carry a handgun without having to do a background check, get a permit, be fingerprinted, or do the four to six hours of training, complete a written exam or shooting proficiency test.

Really does sound like the Wild West doesn't it.

Would it not make sense that you can own as many dildos as you like but have a limit on the guns? You be the judge.

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