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We May Have A New World's Largest Potato!

Worlds largest potato from NZ

When New Zealander Colin Craig-Brown was weeding his garden his hoe hit something that was very unusual, an absolutely humongous potato!

Currently the largest potato ever recorded in the Guiness Book of Records is a spud from Britain weighing in at 4.98kg but the bad boy that Colin dug up is 7.8kg.

They were initially stunned when Colin dug it up, his wife commented "We couldn't believe it." "It was just huge". Colin initially thought that it was a weird fungal growth, but no, it was a titanic potato.

So what do you do with a potato of this proportion? Well firstly the couple have been showing "Doug" the potato off to the locals by dragging him around town in a special cart. People seem to be pretty entertained by large spuds.

And what lies next on the road for Doug the potato? Colin has stuck it in his fridge and plans to turn the spud into vodka!

Watch Doug in action below.

For anyone out there trying to grow a jumbo spud? Doug says has no special advice other than to throw straw and loads of cow manure on it.

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