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When Exercising At The Gym Goes Wrong

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Exercise Fail

The Gym is a great place to go to exercise and get fit. It is always advisable to get a personal trainer or at least someone with some experience to show you proper techniques and how to use the gym machines correctly.

Unfortunately and hilariously, there are people out there that don't think that any instruction is required and that they can just show up in the weights room and go for it without a test run. Whilst this is not a great idea, it does make for hilarious viewing for everyone else.

Some of these people are really thrusting their pelvis unnecessarily whilst others appear to be having some sort of fit.

To be honest, this is a pretty confusing video to watch. Surely what they are doing must feel uncomfortable to at least some degree?

Anyway, we recommend that you always get an expert to show you how to use gym equipment properly. It could save you from both injury and embarrassment!

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