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Woman Shocked To Find Her Dishwasher Is Full Of Rats

There are many reasons a dishwasher may stop working such as electrical problems or component issues but one reason that would be very unexpected would be as infestation of rats in the appliance!

But one woman on TikTok has vowed never to investigate the cause of the problem herself again after she stumbled across something horrific at the back of her mum’s dishwasher.

Trinity Kirkland's mother was having issues with her dishwasher so Trinity and her boyfriend went around to her house to investigate. Trinity and her boyfriend were aghast when they found a large collection of rats crawling around in there!

I'm not sure what they expected to find in the back of the dishwasher but I'm guessing it wasn't a family of hairy rats!

Comments include

One rat: I thought you said this was the fridge.

Other rat: Hey, these huge human appliances all start to look alike after a while, and I smelled food in here once.

Ratatouille has really gone down in the world 😔

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