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World's Greatest Whistler!

Worlds Greatest Whistler Ralph Giese

Ralph Giese, a self-proclaimed world's greatest whistler hailing from Port Huron, has his own funky approach to the art of whistling. Instead of the usual pursed-lip technique, he practices open-mouth whistling, also known as throat whistling. The result? An incredible imitation of birdsong as he grooves through original compositions and beloved melodies. Giese himself likens the process to the reed on a saxophone or clarinet, emphasizing the musicality of his craft.

With years of experience that started when he was just a little tyke of 3, Giese is a bit bummed out by the lack of recognition for his amazing talent. "People don't take me seriously," he laments, "but I'm a really good musician." It's a real bummer to him that his whistle wizardry is often seen as nothing more than a novelty, when in reality, it's his instrument of choice and doesn't take away from his musical prowess.

And get this—there's an old video of his killer performance on the Detroit TV show, Kelly and Company, back in the '80svthat recently went viral. In the video, the crowd looks both bewildered and astounded by Giese's quirky and mind-blowing talent and his sweet mullet too.

Watch below

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