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Young Girl Beats Army Cadet In Push Ups Contest

Little Girl Beating Army Cadet At Push Ups

In a contest of strength a young girl has absolutely destroyed and embarrassed a fully trained and fully fit U.S Army cadet!

The competition was held in 2014 at the Independence Mall in Wilmington, North Carolina, at a charity event organised by Active Heroes that raises money for military families.

The competition was to see who could complete the most push ups in 1 minute. watch the contest unfold below.

Now looking at this video carefully we can see that when the cadet starts to lose his form goes right out the window and he starts using incorrect technique and doing push ups that we aren't going to count.

So who is this young girl and why is she such a master as push ups? This all happened back in 2014 and the girl is Kaylyn Mintz, a Junior Olympics hopeful.

Gymnasts are well known to have amazing power to weight ratios and Mintz certainly proves that here.

What happened to Kaylyn Mintz after the press up competition in 2014?

According to College Gym News, it appears that Mintz competed at the 2019 Junior Olympics nationals qualifier where she tied for fifth place on vault (Junior C). In 2019, she had a successful North Carolina state meet, winning silver medals on bars and floor (tied) and bronze in the all around. During the short 2019-20 season, she scored career highs on both bars and floor.

So yep, it appears she is quite the gymnast as well as an absolute push up champion! We love this video because the Army Cadet appears to be completely bamboozled as to how he has been annihilated at this press ups challenge.

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brett chandler
brett chandler
Dec 19, 2022

she did them wrong


May 11, 2022

And she has a full ride athletic scholarship to Ohio State University for gymnastics!

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