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Young Girl Swims With Huge Python... For Fun!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Young Girl Swimming With Snake
Inbar With Her Swimming Pal Belle

There is an 8 year old girl in Israel with a very rare pet, a large 250 pound Burmese Python! And what is even more rare is that she loves to swim in her pool with her snake.

Pretty weird for me to understand this because snakes scare the hell out of me, and snakes in the water is an even creepier concept! Watch them swimming together in the video below.

The young 8 year old girl named Inbar lives in Israel with her pet python Belle who is an 11 foot long yellow python and apparently shares a love for swimming with her owner.

Inbar named her snake Belle after the character Belle in the Walt Disney movie "Beauty And The Beast". Belle wears a bright yellow dress in a dancing scene in the film and Inbar thought that this would be a perfect name for her python who is also bright yellow in colour.

Belle has been an excellent companion for Inbar during the Covid-19 lockdown. Inbar was quoted saying “It helps me pass the time because I really like to hang out with snakes and sometimes I help snakes shed (their skin) and I help them to be happy during coronavirus,” Reuter.

Inbar grew up with Belle on an animal sanctuary in an agricultural community in southern Israel. Seen as she grew up with the huge python this is just normal for her. For me though, I wouldn't be going anywhere near that 11 foot serpent!

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