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10 Funny New Year Resolution Ideas for 2023 Worth Doing

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

A new year, a new me, right? But will your new year resolution ideas for 2023 actually come to fruition or are you going to fail miserably like every other year? Do you really want to get started on New Year’s day 2023 with the same resolutions you normally give up after 3 hours?

It’s time to think outside the box and these funny new year resolution ideas for 2023 are a million times better than anything you could ever imagine.

Nudist man

10. Become a nudist to save the environment

Everyone knows being naked is super fun, but did you know that it can also mean saving the world? For example, if you go on holiday for New year’s day 2023, your suitcase will be practically empty, thus lowering your carbon footprint. You will also make loads of friends everywhere you go, just always remember to smile and wave.

Electric razor with trimmed hairs

9. Save money on toiletries by shaving everything off

Bathroom toiletries are an expensive luxury therefore why not just shave off all your hair so you can use such products more diligently? Why not encourage your significant other to do the same, at least then you can both look like Spyhnx cats. Too much? OK, keep reading for more funny New Year resolution ideas for 2023!

Lady with excessive makeup

8. Use household products instead of makeup

Out of all of the funny New Year resolution ideas for 2023 on this list, this one is probably the easiest to stick to! Why buy expensive lipstick when you can use ketchup? Why use foundation when you can use flour? Why use eyeliner when you can use a black permanent marker? Heck, if you want fuller lips, just rub some ghost pepper on them. You can look like a million dollars come new year’s day 2023!

Lady recycling yoghurt drink bottle

7. Recycle EVERYTHING you come across

During your daily commute to work, you’ve probably seen an abandoned newspaper or empty beer bottle or even a delicious banana peel. So let’s turn that trash into treasure! Simply collect as much crap as you can during the week and then spend your entire weekend sorting through it in your living room. It may be one of the messiest of our funny New Year resolution ideas for 2023, but you could end up making a tiny bit of money, making the whole experience worthwhile.

Passive aggressive note about being fat

6. Tell co-workers what you really think of them with passive aggressive notes

Honesty really is the best policy so start New Years day 2023 with letting your co-workers know what you really think of them with subtle passive aggressive notes. Stick them on their desk, in their bag, or even hand it to them under the toilet cubicle when they are in there!

So that’s our list of funny New Year resolution ideas for 2023 and what better way to get New Year's Day 2023 started than having a resolution or two that you can actually stick to.

Picture of hippy smiley face

5. Join a cult instead of the gym

When it comes to New Years day 2023, you can expect the gym to be flooded with hopeful health-enthusiasts. In fact, it will be so busy that maneuvering around so many people is a work out in itself. How about instead joining a cult? You get to make new friends, go on special missions and membership is faster and cheaper than the gym!

Lady doing archery

4. Take up 50 hobbies instead of 1

Most people think that taking up one new hobby as a new year resolution is enough but as time passes by, they soon learn that cross-stitching or soap carving or beekeeping isn’t as fun as they quite thought. Instead, take up fifty hobbies, as there is a higher chance you will like one of them. That’s why you should consider doing all of our funny New Year resolution ideas for 2023, then find forty more!

3. start a side hustle like onlyfans since everyone else is doing it

You know times have been ridiculously tough when your best friend, close relative or elderly neighbor are all making some extra income through Onlyfans. So since everyone else is on it, why not join it too? You don’t even need to be a supermodel in real life, especially with the many filters you can steal from Instagram!

Photo of famous meme guy

2. Only use social media for posting really funny memes

Do you remember when social media was fun? Like before you had to accept your relatives friend requests? Now it’s just full of minion memes, conspiracy theories and photos of your mates lunch. Don’t spend too much time on there, it will consume your soul. Instead, casually pop in, post a really funny meme and then leave again. Maybe you could even post 10 funny New Year resolution ideas for 2023, using only memes!

Lady eating mcdonalds fried

1. Help small businesses by exclusively only eating takeout

Cooking is so overrated and it’s way too time consuming too. How about never cooking again and instead always order food online? You help small businesses while saving time and energy, they help keep you alive, it’s a win-win! You don’t even have to leave the house, so you can spend all day in your pajamas.

So there you have it, come New Years, you have yourself 10 funny New Year resolution ideas for 2023 to help get you started! But please make sure that you stick to at least one!

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