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Beer For Sale That Tastes Like Band-aids

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A new Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, US has released a brew called "Torched Earth" which has a foul taste resembling the flavour of band-aids.

This is no accident either, the "Torched Earthed" brew is intentionally foul! Why you may ask? Well the beers foul taste is to highlight the need for companies to address climate change.

In order to make the beer taste sub par they swapped fresh hops for hop extracts, malt for malt extracts and purified water for smoked tainted water.

The goal of the beer is to inspire the 70% Fortune 500 companies who do not have a climate change plan, to make one now.

Profits will go to Protect Our Winters (POW)

If you want to buy some of the beer it costs $39.99 USD for a couple of 4 packs and the company estimates that in a climate ravaged future, a 6 pack could cost the consumer $100.

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