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Boring Man Hoping AI Will Fix His Life -Satire

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Bored Man


Meet Roger, a 35-year-old software engineer who is known for his dull and lifeless personality. Roger is the kind of person who never cracks a joke, rarely smiles, and sticks to a rigid routine every single day. If you ever need to find someone who can suck all the fun out of a room, Roger is the go-to guy.

However, despite Roger's boring personality, he is eagerly waiting for AI (Artificial Intelligence) to finally arrive. He believes that AI will solve all his problems and make his life more interesting. From his perspective, his monotonous routine will finally be over, and he will have something to look forward to every day.

Roger's excitement for AI is not entirely surprising. After all, he has no hobbies or interests outside of work, and he doesn't have any friends as nobody can stand being around him for more than five minutes. All Roger sees when he looks at himself in the mirror is a boring and unremarkable person, and he has finally found a glimmer of hope in AI.

Roger's dreams of AI transforming his life have him believing his life will finally be interesting. He imagines himself chatting endlessly with new AI friends or spending hours upon hours playing with AI assistants. Roger's mind is full of fantasies, and he can't wait for the day AI will come and change his mundane life forever.

Overall, while AI has the potential to change the world, it may not necessarily solve a boring person's problems. While it is reasonable for individuals to look forward to new technology, it should be used to improve their lives and not as a band-aid for underlying issues. Bad luck Roger.

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