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Child With Rugby Ref Goal Gets Bad News That He Has 20/20 Vision

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According to inside reports, young Brad Harrington had his dream of becoming a TMO (televesion match official) referee completely destroyed after discovering that he was born with a genetic condition that would stop him from ever reaching his dream referee job.

After multiple visits, doctors and optometrists have confirmed that Harrington was born with 20/20 vision.

"Brad is taking the news pretty well, but we're reeling as a family," said Brad's dad while his wife wiped away tears with one of Brad's toy yellow cards. "How on earth do we adjust to a new life that is suddenly missing our child's lifelong goal, simply because he was born with the unfortunate gift of sight?"

The Harrington family Optometrist said the family should have seen the warning signs in Brad early on, including his ability to make out many shapes, colours and objects at a young age. "The fact that he was able to watch a rugby game on television and know what was going on - we should have known something was up," wept his mum.

"If only he had suffered some atrocity, like acid in his eyes, his dream would be still be alive. Why, Lord?"

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